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  • This sofa set is made of solid Rubber wood.
  • The cappuccino color sofa set will make your living room look traditional yet classy.
  • It has plenty of comfortable seating because you are after all sharing it with your favorite people.
  • The seat & back cushions are made of polyester polyfill fiber and chenille fabric on top again keeping in mind the comfort of our customers.
  • It’s very easy to maintain this as the cushions are washable.
  • This set has 3 piece solid wood sofa set consisting of 1 three seater and 2 single seaters which can accommodate around 5 people comfortably.
  • For Indoor use only. 


3 Piece Solidwood Sofa Set Consisting Of 1 Three Seater And 2 Single Seaters


Product Care

  • Minimum 2 people should lift any sofa & it should be lifted from its base & should not be dragged from arm or any other part. Arm stitching will tear if the sofa is dragged/pushed from the arms.
  • In case of wooden sofas also do not push or pull especially from the front lower panel.
  • For cleaning stains on fabric sofas, use professional service or reputed upholstery cleaners. For leather sofas use leather cleaner (Read the instruction on “cleaner” bottles & test on small area before applying to entire product)
  • For regular cleaning of fabric sofas, vacuum clean or brush upholstery to prevent accumulation of dust & dirt.
  • Dust leather sofas/PVC sofas with a clean Lint free, dry cloth once a week.
  • Avoid keeping sofas under direct sunlight as it can cause fiber degeneration & fading of fabric.
  • Avoid keeping sofas in high humidity, high moisture areas & in front of direct heat source like heating or air conditioning vents. Do not climb on sofas.



  • 3 SEATER
  • Width: 69 "
  • Depth: 29 "
  • Height: 34 "
  • 1 SEATER
  • Width: 21 "
  • Depth: 29 "
  • Height: 34 "














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We offer a 12 month replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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